Our Services

Veg BoxesWe offer a wholesale service to box scheme and shops. (Please contact us for a wholesale price list. Presently we ask wholesale customers to collect from us).

We also offer the following range of ready-made boxes:

  • £5.00 VEGETABLE BOX 1 containing potatoes, carrots, onions and one or two green vegetables.
  • £5.00 VEGETABLE BOX 2 containing tomatoes, peppers, courgette and lettuce.
  • £5.00 VEGETABLE BOX 3 containing a selection of other veg (root veg, squash, aubergine, salad veg, kohlrabi or beans) not already in the above boxes and depending on availabilty.
  • £5.00 FRUIT BOX 1 containing apples, bananas and pears and oranges.
  • £5.00 FRUIT BOX 2 containing a selection of avocadoes, kiwi, citrus, soft fruit, grapes or other not included in box 1 and depending on availability.
  • 250g mushrooms @ £1.35 or box of 6 eggs @£2.00 can be added to any of the boxes.

Quantities of produce will vary during the year.

We can deliver a single box or any combination of boxes on an occasional or regular basis. Deliveries will be on Thusday or Friday. You can contact us for orders by phone or by email before Wednesday, or preferably with the driver upon delivery for the following week.