New Order Deadlines and Brexit Update

Due to Brexit  we can no longer make amendments to our orders on Fridays as before and the new order deadline for BESPOKE orders is: Before Wednesday mornings 9 am the week before delivery. We understand this to be rather hard especially since some of you will not have received your produce  from the previous order yet. However this is the best we can do to guarantee that at least most of what you order will come.

New deadlines for the STANDARD boxes for our Wednsday round : Monday morning 10 am for delivery/pickup same week wednesday.

We will of course still accept orders after the deadlines but it will be subject to what we then have estimated and those with arranged  repeat order systems will receive these as before.

There can and will  be of course still other unexpected causes at times that some product may not be available after all, as we’ve all experienced  before.

Due to new  export and Import paperwork and the fees connected with this,  Brexit is not only increasing costs but also complicating some imports tremendously. This hits small businesses which import lots of different product lines, like us, per consignment harder than bigger ones who can spread these costs over more volume per item. For example wether we buy 100 boxes of tomatoes or only 10 the fee per product is the same. On top of this  come other fees per consignment.

CHEESE can only be imported accompanied by a  complicated health certificate, which none of our Dutch suppliers want to get involved with just now, so our cheese list will become reduced for now whilst stock lasts  until we find new suppliers or British alternatives depending on wether there will be demand for these.

CHEDDAR CHEESE will remain on our list.

We have decided therefore currently not to import ourselves  but have joined with our existing Scottish supplier so that he can  import more quantity per single product line, which hopefully benefits you again by the Brexit costs being spread out more on the European produce.

We hope to grow more produce ourselves as well. Fingers crossed.

We will do our best under the new circumstances,

Many thanks for all your support.