Sign of the times

Empty Chicken Shed

Freya has retired from the poultry part of the business. No more hens, sheds are empty. And when someone retires around here, there is no succession it seems. We have tried to find someone to take over this part of the business which has done well, is well suited to our conditions, complemented the veg growing to a tee, offered further expansion and would lend itself well for a social care project, but we have not found anyone. Too many local project have stopped and are gone. The organic movement keep growing apace but mostly elsewhere it seems. This seems to be a bit of a story in Scotland altogether. 

But let us raise our glasses to Freya, who started with a handful of chickens next to our house in Maryculter in the 1980's and build up one of the best little commercial units in Scotland, got many remarks on the quality of the eggs and got a pat on the back from our chicken breeder for the way our hens looked and were cared for.