A Moving Week

LorieneenThis was a moving week, forgive me the pun. We said farewell to Adrien, our stalwart worker for many years, who moved out. We could no longer offer full time employment to Adrien due to us reducing the size of our business once more. And we said hello to Jennifer who moved in next doors and will work part time for us.

Our customers in Camphill have again taken over some of the work we did for them for many years which is good. But we are also reducing our poultry and veg growing work which is bad. Once upon a time we had a nice group of Demeter certified organic growers here with 40 acres of veg growing between us, of that group we are the only ones left in business now and on a much reduced acreage, hmm. There are good opportunities for our commercial work to expand but this will need successors to come on the scene. And there seems to be no sign of these at all in this part of the world. Do I hear soft violin music in minor key in the background?

Picture : art work by Adrien.