Strawberry Time

Strawberry TimeWe aim to have strawberries from end of May untill August. This works for our shop but due to quantities being very irregular we have only strawberries available at times for our other customers.

The first half of the season we have strawberries under cover, during the end of June and July we pick strawberries outside.

The costs of using the tunnels and of high number of plants we use and the picking is high and although the strawberries are not cheap it is not our best earning crop but possibly the most popular. The berries certainly are very nice, which must be due to the plants growing in the soil and getting everything they need.

Conventional berries look the job but fertilizers and fungicides are used very intensively and I would not be surprised if these berries are missing some mineral or other which makes strawberries a healthy food and of course I do not trust chemical residues at all.

But having said that I hope for nice weather for our outside crop so we can offer you some nice strawberries and I won't have to look at our fruit moulding away which is a real risk with organic berries outside.